Basic Information


The Jamaican black castor oil is as prized internationally as Jamaican coffee. It was developed over centuries by Jamaican women and its original formula painstakingly preserved.  Noloss Foods has significantly improved its therapeutic properties by incorporating virgin coconut oil and chlorophyll enhances its benefits in the following ways:

  1.  It Removes the objectionable odor associated with Jamaican Black castor oil
  2.  Imparts a more pleasing nutty aroma that can be applied directly to hair and skin, eliminating the need to be washed off or rinsed out after application.
  3. Acts as a carrier that improves the  absorption and release of the Castor oil’s  beneficial properties into cells.
  4.  The prevention of bacterial, fungal , and viral infections ,it’s anti carcinogenic (fights and destroys cancer cells) .
  5.  The binding  and removal of  poisonous heavy metals components that may accumulate in the body
  6.  It’s effectiveness in fighting Candida Albicans (yeast infection ).

    Chlorophyl is used primarily in Noloss Foods Jamaican Black Castor Oil for its antiseptic and wound healing properties which creates a synergistic effect between the two .